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I’m graduated from University of the Republic (Universidad de la República, Uruguay) as a BA in Visual Communication Design.

I’m a passionate worker who believes that design can make changes in peoples’ lives. I’m mostly interested in branding and editorial design, but I also love packaging and typography, as well as learning and discovering new fields in my profession.

I’m keen on intercultural exchange as it opens a new world for creativity and innovation. Team work is the best way to design, you can share a bit of yourself with the people you work with.

In Australia, I’ve worked for Cengage Learning, Discover English, Kikki.K, Keno, Spinzi Design, Reecoil, LNX Construction, Custom Sheds, Torquay Toys, Aurora Suspended Fires and That’s Amore Restaurant, involved in different design projects types.

Since 2014, I’ve been working as an editorial designer for the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of Montevideo (Uruguay), as part of the design team for research books and magazines and designing posters for students activities, billboards, brochures, flyers and any other promotional design the University requires.

I work as a freelancer designer for various clients, such as Uruguayan-Brazilian Cultural Institute (Instituto de Cultura Uruguaio Brasileiro) for who I’ve designed their website and their posts on social networks, and I’m now working on their new visual identity system.

I’m a very proactive person, I’m always ready for new projects and design challenges.

Thank you for passing by!
Feel free to have a look AT all my projects.